Nai Nami Documentary is Out Now!


Watch on Youtube: “Our Streets – Our Stories”

“Our Streets – Our Stories” is a short documentary about Donga, one of Nairobi’s 60,000 street children and one of the few who got a second chance to turn his life around. Donga grew up on the streets, without any formal education or role models to follow. However, after begging, hustling and stealing for years, his life changed when he joined Nai Nami. I believe that disadvantaged youth everywhere deserve the chance to a better future, and I hope this film inspires you to expand on our approach. Watch the film on Youtube: “Our Streets – Our Stories”

How To Connect On An Eye-To-Eye Level With Challenging Youth

When you deal with disadvantaged or difficult youth (delinquent, rebellious, low self-esteem) it is often a challenge to connect with them. First of all, it needs time. But there are some very important behaviours you should stick to from the beginning in order to build a connection. Youth with an unfortunate background or in a …