Podcast: Reinventing yourself as a core skill

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Gianmarco Marinello, social entrepreneur and founder of Nai Nami, joined us in this episode of sensecast. Nai Nami is a social enterprise in Kenya which transforms the street skills and life stories of street children into a job and a source of income for them. They offer a unique storytelling tour in Nairobi to make people experience the city through the eyes of a street child. In his search for meaning and fulfilment in his work life, Gianmarco took on different jobs and roles, which led him to discover his true passion: reinventing himself professionally and helping others to do so as well.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • The journey that brought Gianmarco to Kenya
  • How Nai Nami was co-created by Gianmarco and the street children on eye level
  • The challenge of earning their trust The impact of Nai Nami on the street children and on the whole community
  • Nai Nami becoming a self-sustaining business, as Gianmarco’s biggest achievement
  • How his journey continued between the corporate and social impact sector
  • How having the right mentor can help you change your life

One key takeaway from Gianmarco’s story:
There is only one risk: not trying; failing as a person doesn’t exist!

Listen to the full episode HERE

How I transformed my Passion into a Purpose

In this video, I am sharing how I transformed my passion of exploring and understanding new environments into my purpose of serving others. It is the story behind Nai Nami, the social enterprise I founded in Nairobi, which is the pure expression of who I really am.