Innovator for Systemic Change at the Catalyst Lab

I am proud to be an innovator at the Catalyst Lab of “collaboratio helvetica” which is a future lab with co-creators of various backgrounds, united by a common mission: to facilitate systemic change in Switzerland towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

My personal mission is to give disadvantaged youths in Switzerland, who are stuck in life, the opportunity to have a bright future. Applying the tools and skills which I acquired on my innovation journey, will hopefully lead me to a solution that serves as many youths as possible.

Check my Catalyst profile here:

How To Connect On An Eye-To-Eye Level With Challenging Youth

When you deal with disadvantaged or difficult youth (delinquent, rebellious, low self-esteem) it is often a challenge to connect with them. First of all, it needs time. But there are some very important behaviours you should stick to from the beginning in order to build a connection. Youth with an unfortunate background or in a …